Business hiccups simply equates to short-term disruption within a long-term goal or plan. Hiccups can occur when a business startup or small business overlooks the fundamentals of future business growth and the use of business management tools to streamline its processes from the very beginning.

Why are there hiccups?How to overcome?
Poor technologyPrepare for many different future scenarios
Poor understanding of the marketStudy the present and learn from the past
Low or no social media presenceGet your product out there and build on marketing
OverhiringDigitalize and reduce manpower dependency
Lack of a business management systemBuild on for future success


Growth potential is an organization’s ability to generate larger profits, expand its workforce and increase production.

Some measurable potentials:

  • Planned movement into new markets
  • Development of new product lines
  • Employment of more effective marketing techniques
  • Use of business management tools or a business management system

Potential business expansion is often a meter for investment interest from public and private investors and other stakeholders, hence it is essential for potential businesses to embark on at least a small business software for this purpose. Also, it is an essential drive for business owners to decide internally on investing in more manpower resources or going full force into business digitalization for a more promising expansion.

Here are a few case studies to get you prepared and assist you to have a better chance at succeeding with one of the top small business software in Malaysia.


Good customer service is often a significant factor in small business success, but ironically it is also one of the first things that tends to fall by the wayside when business growth becomes hectic.

“When the workload increases tremendously, there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed,”

“And sometimes you have a hard time getting back to clients in a timely fashion. So the very customer service that caused your growth in the first place becomes difficult to sustain.”

Under such scenarios, businesses not only have greater difficulty retaining existing clients, but also become less effective at securing new business. A key to minimizing such developments is either to maintain adequate staffing levels to ensure that customers receive the attention and service they demand (and deserve) OR a small business software automated to do the exact.

When one hears the term “customer management system”, it’s natural to envision customers being taken care of automatically with no human intervention required. In fact, this is somewhat true to a certain degree. Generally speaking, customer management system encompasses the concept of technology that is used to help human workers complete necessary tasks faster, easier and with greater efficiency. krassol eins – an online business system – allows you to control the basic fundamentals of service operations:

Streamline operations

  • Speed up tedious repetitive tasks accurately when done with the help of technology
  • Reduce error-prone occurrences by shifting from human to machine
  • Frees up personnel to apply skills and resources for more business-critical tasks

Maintain control and visibility

  • No need for outsource or rely on third-party to handle maintenance and helpdesk support
  • Be in control of sensitive data and operational processes with access control function in an online business system
  • Internal administration allows for greater visibility and prompt decision-making process

Facilitate scalability

  • Accommodates change management and increasing demand structurally
  • Increase amount of work produced and performed without risk of human error, with just a click
  • Up your level of competitiveness in the respective market/field


Growing is always the next big challenge for a business owner – it’s exciting and new. That part is familiar. Pushing your existing product into new markets, or new products into existing markets will be unfamiliar and may have unanticipated results. Also, as you push up against bigger competitors, don’t be surprised if they fight back! Securing an array of all-inclusive online sales tools will definitely prepare you for the challenges.

“So, are you targeting the right price for the right audience?”

“Have you got a plan to stay consistent and closing more deals at the same time?”

Competitive online sales tools will enable you to keep track of your sales numbers at anytime, anywhere – and krassol eins does just that as one of the top online business systems! Understanding where you stand after knowing your competitors’ pricing strategy or forecasted sales value or your sales personnel performances, will give you a bigger picture on how to run your business. Once that is established, as a small firm, you may also look for additional ways to add value to your product without increasing costs.

And finally, increase profits by promoting these unique features to your customers to increase profitability. krassol eins enables you to learn about your business in detail via the convenient analysis and reports available.


It is essential for small businesses that are undergoing expansion to establish or update systems for monitoring cash flow, tracking inventories and deliveries, managing finances, tracking human resources information, and myriad other aspects of the rapidly expanding business operation.

“If you double the size of the company, the number of bills you have goes up by a factor of six.”

“Due to poor forecast, we started the year with too little inventory on critical, higher margin items, resulting in product shortages and order cancellations.”

Many software programs such as krassol eins Inventory and Billing software, can help small businesses address stock control and recordkeeping requirements. . In addition, growing enterprises often have to invest in more sophisticated communication systems in order to provide adequate support to various business operations. Deemed as one of the best inventory control system, krassol eins capabilities are ensuring automation in documentation, seamless internal and external communication while keeping the historical records in place for reference.

Optimizing inventory and billing automation promotes a healthy supply chain, followed through with prompt and accurate billing, often with minimal billing error. Also designed to maximise cash flow, an adequate Inventory and Billing Software helps bring the quality of revenue cycle management workflows to a new level.


There is a common irony that strikes ambitious and talented entrepreneurs who have built a thriving business that meets a strong demand for a specific set of goods and/or services, which is ‘GROWING TOO FAST’. Success is wonderful, of course, but rapid growth can sometimes overwhelm the ill-prepared business owner.

“Companies growing at hyper-speed sometimes pay a steep price for their success.”

“According to management experts, controlling fast-track growth and the problems that come with it can be one of the most daunting tasks an entrepreneur will face.”

This problem most often strikes on the operational end of a business – stock control system. Demand for a stock will outpace production capacity, for example. In other cases, a business may undergo a period of feverish expansion into previously untapped markets, only to find that securing a meaningful share of that market brings them unacceptably low profit margins. Effective research and long range planning can do a lot to relieve the problems often associated with rapid business expansion.

One such research and plan is to adopt inventory control system or stock control system such as krassol eins. Specify stocking levels for each item in a business unit and then generate alerts when the available on-hand quantity is less than or equal to the reorder point specified. krassol eins uses different stock statuses such as on-order quantity along with reorder point to determine whether replenishment is required. On-order quantity may include:

  • Quantities on open purchase requisitions
  • Quantities on open purchase orders

At the same time, keep track of your reordering pattern to forecast your future procuring process and quantum to avoid sticky stockout situations.


Where administrative jobs used to be typing and word processing skills and knowledge of business telephone systems, the responsibilities of administrative assistants have increased enormously. Stronger communication skills, broad technology skills and previous industry experiences are some of the value added skills in the latest administrative assistant job description in most online employment portals.

Administrative assistant job description:

  • Providing customer service
  • Assisting with all aspects of administrative management, directory maintenance, logistics, equipment inventory and storage
  • Managing inventory of assets and supplies, sourcing for suppliers (vendors) and submitting invoices
  • Coordinating between departments and operating units in resolving day-to-day administrative and operational problems
  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings, interviews, events and other similar activities
  • Sending out and receiving mail and packages
  • Preparing business correspondence, typically using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook)
  • Entering data using 10-key keypad

  • Sending faxes and emails
  • Managing documents and files
  • Addressing resident concerns in accordance with company policies
  • Performing multifaceted general office support
  • Sending and receiving forms for the company
  • Answering the phone
  • Assisting in various daily operations
  • Operating a range of office machines such as photocopiers and computers
  • Managing clients list for the financial year
  • Greeting guests and visitors

Source: Wikipedia

With so much tasks at hand, administrative assistance for a modern business owner should be a combination of human, software and hardware that provides a means of delivering a message to a set of recipients, commonly shows activity related to an account.

As a recipient, you probably get hundreds of emails a day, not to mention alert notifications and escalation from your monitoring systems, which “flood” your mailbox all day, every day. With so many incoming communications, it can be challenging and time consuming to distinguish between what is and isn’t important. This creates the inevitable risk that the moment a real problem arises, you might very well miss it.

“It’s incredibly important to ensure that everyone at the company – or at least within your specific team – is on the same page about email expectations.”

“One of the key reasons that people find email so emotionally exhausting is that they feel like they have to be checking it all the time or they might endanger their job in some way.”

It is definitely possible to achieve this with automated live notification and alerts from our business management tools, krassol eins. krassol eins the most user-friendly small business software that can be shared among your colleagues, possibly the team members closest to you. Pop-up notifications in the form of email can be customised to alert only time-sensitive updates such as open, update, and close tickets in service desk tools via automated workflow, hence giving mercy to your administrative assistant.

Decentralized reporting could mean different departments and stakeholders looking at completely different numbers, which could quickly create messy situations. To put an end to data siloes and spreadsheet chaos:, an administrative assistant may need to compile and consolidate to ensure that everyone is working with a single source. Achieve this by using krassol eins as a centralized data repository for all your business intelligence reporting needs.

Static reports quickly become dated and are easily ignored. Turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with interactive dashboards that update automatically. krassol eins reports and dashboard feed from real- time data, allowing everyone in your organisation to analyse the same numbers, relying on a single source of truth and always access the latest insights. Access reports directly from your web browser, or use email alerts and PDF export functions.


The digital world has in the past decade brought extraordinary changes to the way we do business in Malaysia. The internet has matured, mobile devices are part of everyday life, and cloud-based solutions have gone mainstream.

What we traditionally thought of as “accounting software” is now labeled “ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning) or “CRM” (Customer Relationship Management) to reflect more core solution capabilities that can manage supply chain, operations, reporting, and HR. Ability to integrate with other productivity tools used in your day-to-day work activities can provide the visibility you need to manage, and grow, your business.

Accounting software in Malaysia has been a must-buy business tool since the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 1 April 2015. However, it may be deemed insufficient in the fast moving digital world where your employees are on the move.

“So, instead of an accounting software in Malaysia, why not krassol eins?”

A cloud-based or online business system for small businesses to promote connectivity, sharing of information – securely – and allows employees to be “in the office” as soon as they turn on their mobile device.

Let us answer to your questions.