Store Keeper / Store Assistant

Store Keeper / Store Assistant

retail manager

Maintain a small storeroom to a medium-sized warehouse with our Store Assistant. Handle stocking of operational materials and supplies with a breeze.

My Strength:

A complete tool that enables functions from goods receipt, stock control, storage management to order fulfilment, fit for outlet managers, store or warehouse owners.

My Unique Selling Point:

Vital to improve the efficiency of a company’s storage operations to ensure quality goods are stored and delivered promptly to valuable customers. Appropriate as a store manager, outlet manager, retail manager and even warehouse manager.

My Core Responsibilities:

  • Ensure inventory level is optimum at all times for order fulfilment process
  • Ensure inventory with shelf-life are being handled accordingly
  • Constant validation for inventory level with minimum par level
  • On-the-go reports and analysis plus live data dashboard at anytime, anywhere
  • Automated checkpoints for process validation

My Experience:

Customer setup

Product setup (without price)

Goods receive (from procurement)

Storage location / warehouse

Picking list

Packing list

Order fulfilment

Report (goods out from warehouse)

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