Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator

Achieve higher sales target with our Sales Coordinator, ensuring prompt documentation and follow through of complete sales-to-billing process.

My Strength:

Handling of complete sales process with full record of activities and documentation, perfect for start up establishments seeking for basic salesforce management.

My Unique Selling Point:

To compliment any existing Inventory-Billing-Accounting system with possible integration. Streamlining pre-sales activities, building up to during- and post-sales for long-term sustainability.

My Core Responsibilities:

  • Simplify sales document preparation and sending to customers. Anytime, anywhere with an internet device.
  • Prompt processing of orders with less manual tasks and human-dependence
  • Allows on-the-go reports to be generated and utilised as presentations to management

My Experience:


  • leads / prospects / client database
  • sales activities and shared calendar
  • sales quotation preparation and sending
  • sales order confirmation

During Sales

  • stock item setup
  • selling price strategy

Post Sales

  • invoice and receipt
  • CN and DN
  • sales and billing reports

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