Purchasing Coordinator

Purchasing Coordinator

Prepare and forward purchase orders, verify receipt of items and authorizing payments are some typical purchasing coordinator job description. Learn how you can automate them.

My Strength:

Purchasing processes include purchase request, purchase order, receive and approve deliveries, endorse supplier payments and manage suppliers against their contracts.

My Unique Selling Point:

Essentially assist in a smooth purchasing of goods and services from external suppliers while accurately managing cost of goods and additional surcharges for maximum profit.

My Core Responsibilities:

  • Request compilation across organization for easy processing
  • Automated checkpoints for process validation
  • Convert requests to orders with just a click
  • Email or export, print and fax to suppliers
  • Ensure lead time of goods receive are punctual with system notifications
  • Easy access to documentation and forms stored in system
  • On-the-go reports and analysis plus live data dashboard at anytime, anywhere

“Patronize like a pro! – A tool with complete purchasing coordinator’s job description at your expense”

My Experience:

Product setup (with price)

Supplier database

Purchase request

Purchase order

Goods receive (from supplier)

Goods return

Order allocation

Report (purchase order vs goods receive)

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