Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

inventory manager job description

The entire supply chain at the tips of your fingers. Comprehensive features from an inventory manager job description; combining stock, purchasing, storage, delivery and overall planning.

My Strength:

An online inventory control system to coordinate the logistics of all aspects of the supply chain which consists of five parts:

1) the plan or strategy

2) the source (of raw materials or services)

3) manufacturing (focused on productivity and efficiency)

4) delivery and logistics

5) the return system (for defective or unwanted products)

My Unique Selling Point:

Inventory manager’s job description includes leading a team of inventory or warehouse staff to receive and record every movement as a new stock comes in. From truck to store and shelves as needed. Focused on time, making sure every item of stock gets to its destination on time. Doubles as a schedule or logistician.

My Core Responsibilities:

  • Ever improving standard operating procedures for smooth operations
  • Monitoring of inventory levels and purchasing process
  • Maintain optimum inventory levels to ensure order fulfilment process is managed well
  • Pre-planning and forecasting for smooth operations involving inventory levels
  • Live dashboards and accurate analysis
  • Evaluation based on speed of delivery, accuracy and cost – click for reports
  • Inter-departmental communication for seamless order fulfilment process

“Inventory = right goods + right people + right timing
– an online inventory management embedded with an inventory manager’s job description”

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